Congratulations to Abriella Smith (pictured here with her dad Dave Smith). Abriella is receiving a check toward her tuition at Embry-Riddle University, where Abriella is an Aerospace Engineering major in her junior year. The check is from Local 7048’s annual Michael A. Piekielski Memorial Scholarship. The Piekielski Scholarship is awarded to a child or grandchild of a Local 7048 member each year. Applications are due June 1 and the winner picked from among the applicants at the June General Membership Meeting each year.

Says Arbiella: “I am humbled and thankful to have been selected as a recipient of the Michael Piekielski Scholarship. Your generous support will greatly assist me while pursuing my academic studies.”

We all wish Abriella the very best as she prepares her career for take-off. Fly high young lady, and congratulations on being this year’s Piekielski Scholarship winner!

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2023 Michael A. Piekielski Memorial Scholarship Winner

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